Vocal - instrumental rock - blues ensemble
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Since Monday, September 26. 2005.
Branko Braica - Šuja: drums
Davor Bergam: bass guitar
 Vedran Grubišić : organs
Emil Baljkas - Đemo: lead guitar
 Vojislav Beader : vocal


It was an usual autumn day. Šibenik 1976. I went out and headed East to Baldekin 1. I lived at Baldekin 2, Matije Gupca 70 at the time, or Buale 8 as it was called previously. I found Đemo and Šujo there. Đemo with the cigarette in his mouth, Šujo with his hands in his pockect. They had big plans- to form a band and play. They were looking for a bass player. Of course, I offered myself immediately. They accepted. We hired Vedran for organs. We only missed vocalist. We voted for Vojo and went to look him up. We found him that same night on Poljana. Šuja approched him: -Look, I want to ask you something! Vojo prepared his fists because he thought he would get some punches, but instead Šuja asked calmly: Would you like to sing in our band? Vojo was surprised, but accepted.
The first rehearsal was in Vedrans garage.It wasn't bad. We didn't sound bad at all. Those were just the beginnings, and the rest remains in the history. Anyhow, we rehearsed every day and really got along. We sounded like a real bands, the ones you can hear on the radio. After we had rehearsed about fifty songs, we were ready for the audience. Since we hadn't been quite sure in our abilities in front of the audience, we choose primary school Tin Ujević for the first gig. We arranged the dance with the live music- our band.
The day came. The stage was ready, we set up the instruments. The courses in school still lasted, and after they finished we tuned the instruments. We played like Bijelo Dugme, even as The Stones and the Beatles in their best days. We couldn't believe it was us. We went out for a smoke before a gig.
The kids started coming, seven and eight graders. We were only a bit older then them. We went on stage and started with rock and roll in twelve, which became our trademark for the next concerts. That night went great. We won't forget it for a whole life. The gig was great, and the audience as well. People talked about that gig for a long time. We were ready for the real audience. We chose Dubrava. We arranged the concert with the youth party secretary. It was held in the premises of the party and the town hall. What can I say?! We made a pretty good impression! After the concert we all went to Vedran's cousin where we were treated like kings. The man of the house had two daughters, both of them our age. They made a good impression on me too. They were trying so hard to make us feel comfortable. They would put just the right things on the table, as if they were able to read our minds. And yet they weren't so impostrus. After the meal we all had a smoke, and the ashtrays were there even before we could reach for a cigarette. I thought I should say a couple of good things about his daughters to our host. They were so proud, but our host looked at me in anger. I explained to him that I have a girlfriend, and that I don't have any bad intentions. He calmed down a little. I remember those girls even today. They were really nice and polite! Anyone would like daughters like those two. People their age would even like them to be their wives. There are no words to describe them. They were lovely and humble as the old Dalmatian women once were.
After we came back to big, ugly, dirty town, we became an atraction. We walked so proudly over Poljana, even in time, that kind of popularity became an annoyance.
I should mention in this story the concert on Šujo's roof. Some neighbours complained about loud stereo. That event was also long talked about.
And then the New Year came. Prototype (name of our band) was playing in Oklaj. The town and around area full of our posters. Some better known bands were even taking off our posters so the people wouldn't know that we perform. And they were bands from the radio.
We came to Oklaj with the van from Izgradnja company. There we were, five guys from the band, our manager, assistants, and bodyguards. We went into concert hall immediately, looking at face expressions. Conclusion: It's good, but it could be better.
Transport of the instrunents, manager talking to youth secretary. The result: 25% of the tax and payement for any damage that we might cause.
The instrments were on stage, the tuned the instruments with the acustic of the room, and then we tuned the guitars. Vedran wasn't satisfy! The sound of the organs was backing of the front wall.
I told him it would all be different once the hall gets full. It was true, The tuning was solid. We started rock and roll! That's life .It's worth living for. After we took care of technicalities, we went to local bar for a couple of drinks. For a start! People were looking strangely at us, because of our rock and roll image. We were strangers anyway. We went back to the hall. Everybody were busy with their own thing. I was lying behind the amplifier and reading a comic book Alan Ford. They said that I was crazy.
People started coming in...It was time to play. We started... unforgettable night... there were drunk people, beaten people, stoned people,heads broken with the bottles of champagne, but our bodyguards knew their job. They weren't feared for nothing in Šibenik and the area. Then there was a Miss pageant, then best looking mustache pageant, and a lot of other things. After the concert, some guy invited us to his place. We were well treated. I felt sleepy, so while they were talking, I just fell asleep. They woke me up when it was time to leave.
All people know story about one Prototype's gig. Repertoar was Doors. Famous hippy Čipe did smoke marijuana at WC!
So that it was. Prototype lasted for some time. We had lot of gigs and made some good money, but sometimes lousy as well. We also played at the guitar contests, but we never won. But we were well accepted. Anyhow, bands would win at those times according to political preferences and political party opinions.
This is very brief looking at the best Šibenik's group in the 70's. I wish it would happen again!!!



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